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Lake City by Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 200 Rounds SS109 Green Tip FMJ 62 Grains WM855200


200 Rounds per Box


High Demand Product – Limit 5 per Order

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant SS109 5.56 NATO Ammunition

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant managed by Winchester has shipped us some of the first shipments from the Lake City plant of .223/5.56 NATO M855 ammunition with Lake City head stamps, a 62 Grain SS109 Green Tip FMJ bullet that is loaded to meet Military Specifications. This is the same ammunition currently used by the U.S. Miltary.Featuring the sought after SS109 Green Tip rounds with Lake City Headstamps, 62 grain full metal jacket bullet with the SS109 green tip that is Steel Capped with a leadcore center making it the best penetrating ammo in the market. These green tip rounds are designed for use with the AR platform. The denser materials give the round the added weight that it needs. The added weight can also come in the form of a thicker brass jacket. When a full metal jacket exceeds 25% of the projectile, it becomes an armor-piercing round. This is the same ammo currently being used by the U.S. Military. When you need dependable ammunition that you can trust, you can count on Winchester Lake City ammo.

200 Rounds
Features and Specifications:
Caliber:5.56 NATO
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight: 62 Grain
Lake CIty Stamped
SS109 Green Tip Penetrator
Rounds: 200 Rounds
Uses: Target, Training, Personal Defense
Muzzle Velocity 3060 fps
At 100 yards is 2786 fps
At 200 yards is 2529 fps
At 300 yards is 2285 fps
At 400 yards is 2055 fps
At 500 yards is 1809 fps

At 100 Yards is 1.5
At 200 Yards is 0
At 300 Yards is -7
At 400 Yards is -20.6
At 500 Yards is -42.5

Muzzle Energy 1289 ft/lbs.
At 100 Yards is 1069 ft/lbs.
At 200 Yards is 880 ft/lbs.
At 300 Yards is 719 ft/lbs.
At 400 Yards is 581 ft/lbs.
At 500 Yards is 466 ft/lbs.
200 rounds per box.

Ammo Price is per box.

Note: This is military grade ammunition. It may show discoloration which is caused by a process known as annealing. This is completely normal.


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